Store Your Furniture While Moving in College Station

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Moving is among the most stressful experiences that people have to deal with. Fortunately, there are many options available to make your moving process quicker and easier. Working with a moving company that provides storage services can help you move safely and effectively in no time.

If you are looking for great moving and storing services in College Station, Texas, D&D Movers has everything you are looking for and more.


Store Your Furniture At A Secure Space

Our team of experts has the equipment and expertise to provide you with all of the moving solutions you need. Besides transporting your belongings across the city, throughout the state, or across the country, we also offer excellent storage services in College Station, TX.

Moving some items temporarily to storage facilities is an excellent idea for many movers. From seasonal clothes to furniture and appliances, our storage units will keep your furniture and belongings clean and safe while you’re busy relocating.

A simple and Effective Solution for Your Furniture

D&D Movers provides different types of storage facilities for businesses, households, and individuals. Sofas, dining tables, chairs, desks, and many others need proper storage while moving. Doing so will prevent such belongings from getting damaged.

Our units have different amenities and features to keep your goods safe. We have spacious storage units for items of all sizes and shapes. You can choose from:

Climate-Controlled Units

Our climate-control units are perfect for sensitive belongings that may get affected by the weather, such as your furniture.

Non-Climate Units

These are storage units with no climate control. Here you can store anything that can be exposed to the outside heat, cold, or humidity. You can keep your clothes, toys, and other items that don’t need special care here.

RV and Boat Storage

This unit is specifically designed to store RVs, boats, trailers, or any other recreational vehicle.

D&D Movers: Your Trusted Moving and Storage Company

If you are looking for professional movers that help you move and store your assets safely and efficiently, contact D&D Movers. We are a residential and commercial moving company that offers storing services. We have years of experience delivering high-quality moving services in College Station. Submit our online form and get a free quote today.