Should I Move During COVID-19?

Thinking about moving during COVID-19, but aren’t sure about the health risks? Health and safety are always a top priority, but your move is possible is you and your moving company take all the necessary measures and social distance precautions. Movers are still operating, since they’re considered an essential service.

Moving and storage companies are considered low-risk for the transmission of the virus since they normally help one or two customers per day and maintain proper social distance. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional, make sure they’re taking precautions.

Here are the safety precautions your moving company should take:

Virtual Walkthrough 

Typically when doing a survey, a company representative will visit your home and determine an estimate. After that, they’ll send you the contract and you can either accept or negotiate. Since we’re living during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have decided to do virtual surveys through FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp.

One-Person Contact 

When moving, all family help is needed to make the process easier and faster. However, it’s advised that only one family member has contact with the company’s team. Once you let them know all the necessary information, that designated person can remain in a different area. This measure ensures proper social distancing between clients and employees.

Soap, Paper Towels and Hand Sanitizer 

Ideally, every crew member should wash their hands with soap and abundant water for at least 40 seconds and use hand sanitizer at regular intervals. We recommend you have these items available at your home for their use, just in case. 

Moreover, cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched areas before the company arrival, e.g, doorknobs, should be a must as a preventative measure.

Other Health Measures

Here’s a list of other recommendations you and your moving company should take into consideration:

  • Wearing face masks and shields.
  • Designating one restroom for the moving team.
  • Greeting with a smile, not a handshake.
  • Remaining at least 6 feet away from the team and the designated family member. 

D&D Moving and Storage 

D&D Movers is a locally owned company that has helped College Station residents move quickly and easily since 2001. We’re taking every preoccupation needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we offer packing, unpacking and storage services. Get in touch with us today.