Family Unloading Boxes From Removal Truck On Moving Day

Penske trucks come in many sizes according to how many items you’ll be moving. If you’re planning a DIY move, renting a Penske truck is a fantastic idea to make things easier. Randomly renting a truck, however, could lead to wasted money or a truck that’s too small. Thankfully, at D&D Movers, we have experience renting Penske trucks, and we can advise you on which size will suit your needs.

How To Choose The Right Truck Size Without Going Wrong

You don’t want to go wrong when choosing the truck size you need. Selecting a small one can lead to improper stacking, which might harm your belongings when loading, transporting, or unloading. On the other hand, renting a truck that’s too bog can lead to your things shifting around in transit, which can cause damage.

Let’s take a look at our available truck size rentals and which one could be a perfect match for you.

Small moving truck (12 feet)

This size is ideal for studios or small one-bedroom apartments. This size is also a perfect fit for students moving in or out of dorms. Furthermore, if the person renting the truck is afraid of driving a larger one, a small-sized truck will do, but more trips will have to be made. So it’s a matter of balancing your options vs. your capacities.

Medium moving truck (16 feet)

Useful for couples or one single person moving out of an apartment or small home. They’re ideal for short or long-distance transport. They have a volume space of around 650 to 850 cubic feet and a maximum weight load of approximately 3,000 to 5,500 pounds.

Large moving truck (22 feet to 26 feet)

If you’re moving out of a two to three-bedroom home or larger, a truck in this range is a good fit for you. Remember, you can always be assisted by the truck rental company. Ask them all the necessary questions to choose correctly.

Penske Truck Rental With D&D Movers

At D&D Movers, we offer you a variety of Penske truck sizes, depending on your requirements. Our rental Penske trucks come in 12ft, 16ft, 22ft, and 26ft length. Rent them for your household moves or business use, and take them across town or across the country. They’re all equipped with automatic transmission, AC, power steering, anti-lock brakes, and AM/FM radio.