When deciding to hire a moving company to handle the packing and moving of your belongings, it’s important to pick the right one. You’ll be trusting this company with your valuable and important belongings. Here are five ways to know you’re hiring the right moving company. 

5 Signs That You’re In The Hands Of Professionals

Deciding on which is the right moving company to work with shouldn’t be hard work if they check off these five boxes.

  • Years Of Experience In The Market

The more years of experience, the better. You’ll feel safer because this means they have more knowledge of how to handle your belongings throughout the whole moving process. They’ll also have a well-structured process and will be more familiar with issues that may come up and how to handle them.

  • A licensed company

You have to make sure the moving company you’re hiring has a US DOT number. This is a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. Most states require a DOT number for movers to operate, and Texas is one of them. If asking your movers for it will make you feel at ease, do it.

  • Insured company

You’ll lower the chances of damage by hiring a moving company, but accidents still happen. It’s essential to make sure the moving company you’ll work with is insured, so you’ll at least be compensated if anything happens.

  • What their rates include

Inform yourself. Ask the company what’s included with each of their rates. A moving company should be straightforward with what they offer and let you know what your chosen price includes.

  • Check for reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to ensure you’re about to hire reliable moving services. Read the reviews and see what most customers have to say about their experience, as well as the average rating.

D&D Movers – The Moving Company You Can Trust

At D&D Movers, we have more than twenty years of experience providing moving assistance to thousands of satisfied customers. We offer the best moving experience, and you can trust our expert hands because we handle all your belongings with the right care. 


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