Are you moving to a safer location or to a less affected and populated area due to coronavirus? Due to this tough time, everyone has the responsibility to take safety measures and protect ourselves from COVID-19. If you happen to be relocating, hiring a moving company is a great way to ensure the proper handling of your belongings. At D&D Movers, we’re here to help you out.


How To Move Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene is a concern for everyone more than ever, and this is true for D&D Movers as well. No one wants to get exposed and go out of their homes more than necessary, so when it comes to moving, we take the right measures to protect you and your family.

When hiring a moving company, you’re ensuring your belongings have proper handling. During a move, all objects are safely wrapped and put into boxes. Additionally, D&D Movers’ staff is always wearing masks and gloves. They also regularly wash their hands, before and after handling your belongings.

We’ll make sure to transport your belongings safely so they arrive in perfect condition.

At D&D Movers, it’s our daily concern to keep in mind the health of our clients and our staff as well. These are the measures we’re taking while working for you:

  • Disinfecting our trucks constantly
  • Providing all our crew members with safety kits
  • Cleaning all equipment after every move
  • Limiting unnecessary physical contact with our customers
  • Wearing masks throughout the moving process

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Get in contact with us today, and let us get in charge of your moving needs while keeping you, your loved ones, your belongings, and everybody else involved safe during the move. Feel free to call us at (979) 693-6233 and schedule your moving date. You can also visit our website, fill out a form, and receive a free quote regarding your moving needs. If you live in South College, Texas, or its surrounding areas, we’ll be more than glad to assist you.