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D&D Moving & Storage leads effort to raise nearly $30k for Harvey Relief

We all hope that tragedy never strikes close to home. But when it does, you sure hope that the fine folks in Texas, and especially the Texas Aggies, have your back. The outpouring of money, supplies, and time since Hurricane Harvey crashed into the Texas coast has been staggering, and Dan Daniel, owner of D&D Moving & Storage says that he and his entire staff were determined to help.

Daniel, a former Texas A&M student and football player, says that providing support for those who have lost everything was a no brainer.

“When my wife and I were watching the news coverage during and after the storm had hit, I kept trying to find ways that we could help, whether it be by donating our money, or our time, or our trucks,” Daniel said, “whatever we could do to help.”

And Daniel and his team did all of the above.

By the end of the week-long drive, and with the help of both HEB and Sam’s Club in College Station, the results of D&D’s efforts were 10 truck loads to the Beaumont area, which racked up nearly 4,000 miles of travel while delivering 108 pallets of water (over 186,000 bottles of water), 10,000 buns and loaves of donated bread, four pallets of diapers, two pallets of cleaning supplies, three pallets of toilet paper and paper towels, and one pallet of dog food.

“I’ve never been a part of something like that,” Daniel said, “where literally anyone and everyone that you asked to pitch in, said ‘no problem’ and just gave whatever they could. There’s a lot of negativity about how bad we have it in America, but the response to Hurricane Harvey shows what we’re still capable of in this country, and especially in this state, when we all come together.”

Daniel said he became motivated to do more after he and more than two dozen other Aggies from the Bryan-College Station area started by going to Houston with boats immediately after the storm, helping to rescue dozens of people who were stranded in their homes because of flood waters.

After that trip to Houston, Daniel said that the devastation was even worse than he expected based on what he had seen on TV.

“There were people on their roofs, on top of their cars, standing in chest deep water in their homes, and thousands of cars that had been left on the roads all over town, just floating around,” he said. “It was like something you’d see in another country, but not in the United States, and certainly not in Texas.”

After returning from Houston, Daniel said he chatted with others in town to see what else could be done, especially knowing that he had a fleet of delivery trucks at his disposal.

Once he talked to his friend, Wade Breaux, the two devised a plan.

“Wade had a contact in the Beaumont area who told him that most of the resources seemed to be going to Houston, which had the most people impacted, but that they needed water and they needed it quickly,” Daniel said. “That night we jumped into motion, emailing out to our contacts and texting around town, asking people to buy water by the pallet, so that we could easily load and transport to southeast Texas.”

Daniel said that what transpired after those calls for help was truly amazing. In a matter of a few days, D&D supplied 10 large trucks filled with water and supplies donated mostly by Bryan-College Station residents, but had donations online as far away as Oregon and Georgia from people who learned of the efforts.

“The Bryan-College Station community is amazing, and they really helped to get the word out,” Daniel said. “When we got the online donations from Oregon and Georgia, literally from coast to coast across the country, we couldn’t believe it.”

If you or someone you know needs help moving possessions out of their flood damaged home and into storage, let us know. We’ll help get everything out and help work with insurance companies, or arrange for payment at a later date.


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