5 Things To Do Before Moving

From packing and moving your items, to visiting new schools or neighborhoods, to arrange to have mail forwarded, moving can be stressful and time-consuming. For this reason, we’ve created a moving guide to help you plan and organize every step.

Here are some things you should do before you move so you stay organized and stress-free.

Follow a Checklist

Order and organization are key during any moving process, and you can take control of it by creating a checklist. We advise you to download an app on your cell phone, so you can easily access it and even set up reminders. Another great tip is to plan your moving to-do list based on how many weeks are left until your move. E.g., 8 weeks before, you’ll find a moving company and get a quote. One week before, you’ll pack your non-essentials and label the boxes.

Purchase Packing Supplies

You could collect boxes (sometimes for free) from restaurants, supermarkets, and office stores, but make sure to clean those boxes properly, as they may not be the most sanitary. At some point, you’ll buy boxes to fit your items the best possible way and there are many shapes and sizes of packing supplies, choose the ones according to your needs. Also, remember to purchase tape and paper.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items 

You probably don’t need everything you own, so do some cleaning and choose the items you want to get rid of. Here’s a list of why you should clean out your belongings before a move:

Help Charity

If you have clothes that you don’t use anymore, someone does and you have the opportunity to help him/her. 

Lower Transportation Costs

Fewer items equal less weight, therefore, lower transportation costs. 

Less Packing Time 

You’ll save a lot of time by packing less. 

More Storage Space 

If your new home is smaller, you won’t have enough storage if you don’t remove some items. Even if you do have the space, less clutter is never a bad thing.

More Cash

You could do a garage sale and make some money. 

Know How to Pack

We advise you to pack by room and pack heavier items first. Above them, place the lighter items. If you have fragile items, pack them together, and use a lot of plastic wrap and paper to protect them. Remember to mark all boxes with the designated room and items to organize them properly and keep them safe.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to go and if you don’t want to stress yourself with all the planning and things-to-do-list, movers can take control of any situation. Typically, they have different packages to fit anyone’s budget and they do the packing, unpacking and even offer storage services.

If you are moving across College Station or the country, D&D movers are ready to handle every task carefully and exceed your expectations. Contact us today.